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Melbourne City Bond Cleaning are the experts in rental bond cleaning in Melbourne.

Melbourne Bond Cleaning Services offer affordable, quality end of lease cleaning services to help you get your bond deposit back from your property manager. With years of experience helping clients clean up and move out of their rental properties we understand exactly what needs to be done to make your real estate agent, property manager or landlord happy.

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All you want is your bond back right?

Don't muck about trying to find the dirtiest, nastiest and cheapest price out there. You'll only end up with some cowboy company or cleaner that does a half cocked job and most likely have to get somoene back in to do the job again.

We see this happen every day...

Someone gets excited over almost third world prices and thinks they have scored.

Then when the final inspection takes place everything turns sour and they end up spending double and sometimes triple what they would have had to spend if they simply hired us.

We offer the MOST AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY cleaning services in Melbourne.

Our bond cleaners have the sharpest eye for detail use more elbow grease than 10 mechanics put together.

We will come in and go through your home like there is no tomorrow. Our cleaners will clean from top to bottom and scrub and clean and wipe and scrape until your place is in "bond back" condition.

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Need your carpets steamed cleaned?

Ask about our combined cleaning and carpet steam cleaning fixed priced packages.

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